What We Do At The Thomistic Institute For Ongoing Formation

We want to help students think in a serious way about the principles of Catholic theology under the guidance of St. Thomas Aquinas in order to help save their own souls and to help save the souls of others. We aim to provide a unified view of reality by offering Thomistic wisdom.

To this end:

  • We spend more time on less content; we go deeper into the important questions and principles.

  • We focus more on thinking through arguments and less on memorizing conclusions.

  • Class time is dedicated for discussion, allowing students to have a space to develop their own thinking (intellectual habits), instead of simply giving students information.

  • We focus on important philosophical principles within our theological study.

  • We prioritize the speculative/theoretical questions rather than the historical questions.

  • We read serious texts; we do not use the typical introductory books (which may be helpful summaries but are not helpful for thinking deeply).